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Why do we love Deadpool so much?

Posted on May 05, 2016

Like Wolverine, he’s ultra violent and always heals, so he can get violent again quickly.
Like Spider-man, he always makes quips and weird statements, he can be funny and entertaining.
Like Punisher, he’s an Anti-hero,who isn’t afraid to kill and maim to “serve justice”.
He’s a redemption story. He’s a mercenary who wants to be a hero, he’s worked alongside many groups (avengers, x-men, FF, Defenders, GLC) yet they always treat him like dirt, which makes readers feel for him. He wants to do the right thing, but unlike many villains turned hero, he doesn’t get the assistance or respect from the hero community.

So he’s constantly “growing” in regards to character, yet gives us all the things we love from the other famous characters. They also tend to have touching moments with him showing a truly compassionate side. In X Factor, he talked to young apocalypse after the death of his “uncle” and told him that he wanted him to grow up good and strong, and to never grow up like himself (Deadpool). Whenever he does something great or good, it’s usually to only one person so most other characters never know.